We are revolutionising

the DOOH industry

Lemma’s cutting-edge omni-channel technology platform

aspires to increase transparency and efficiency in digital marketing.

Folks interested in bringing about this revolution in the digital/AI

Adtech space are welcome to join us in this path breaking endeavour.

As an organisation, we successfully deliver brand stories seamlessly across all large format digital screens from DOOH to CTV and even mobile and desktop devices. We are focused on connecting DOOH media to mainstream digital, enabling brands to deploy Omni-Digital strategies through our platform.

Join us on our journey to revolutionize the
DOOH Ad-Tech industry

Join us on our journey to revolutionize the DOOH Ad-Tech industry

Software Engineer Backend (Sr)

Job id : JD002           Experience : 3-7 years

Software Engineer Frontend (Sr)

Job id : JD004           Experience : 3-7 years

Software Engineer Integration Team (Jr)

Job id : JD005           Experience : 1-3 years

Technical Support

Job id : JD007           Experience : 2-3 years

Senior Technical Support

Job id : JD008           Experience : 4-5 years

UX/UI Designer (Sr)

Job id : JD009           Experience  : 3+ years

Senior Ad Ops

Job id : JD013           Experience : 6-8 years

Sales Manager

Job id : JD019           Experience : 5+ years

Senior Media Planner

Job id : JD024           Experience : 3-4 years

Product Manager

Job id : JD025           Experience : 3-5 years

Legal Associate

Job id : JD026           Experience : 0-1 years

Sr./Lead Publisher Account Manager

Job id : JD027           Experience : 3-7 years

Associate Publisher Account Manager

Job id : JD028           Experience  : 2-3 years

Country Manager - Malaysia

Job id : JD029           Experience : 10+ years

DevOps + Site Reliability Engineer

Job id : JD030           Experience : 4+ years

Marketing Manager

Job id : JD031           Experience : 7-8 years

Test Automation Engineer

Job id : JD032           Experience : 5+ years

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Job id : JD033           Experience : 12+ years

Data Analyst(Engineering)

Job id : JD034           Experience : 1-2 years


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