CGI or Not CGI? How to Create Real-world Impact with DOOH

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2024 is the year of Larger than Life advertising. CGI has revolutionized advertising, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

CGI or Not CGI? How to Create Real-world Impact with DOOH

2024 is the year of Larger than Life advertising. CGI has revolutionized advertising, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Audiences are drawn to larger than life visuals that ignite their imagination and leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s a mythical creature soaring through the sky or gigantic products coming out of DOOH Screens, CGI advertising commands attention like never before.

But how do Brands emulate the same magic in real life? Enter DOOH.

With the Large Captivating DOOH Screens that an average individual encounters at least twice a day, DOOH has infinite capabilities to have the same impact as CGI ADs on a larger scale.

Here are some ways advertisers can leverage the “larger than life” advertising phenomenon to the fullest with the help of DOOH ADs:

3D-DOOH and Anamorphic ADs:
One of the most striking innovations in DOOH is the use of 3D anamorphic billboards. These ads use optical illusions to create the appearance of three-dimensional objects emerging from the billboard, captivating viewers with their lifelike presence. Tools like CGI and FOOH (Faux-Out-Of-Home) typically offer a passive viewing experience, where audiences watch the action unfold on screen without any direct engagement with the AD whereas Anamorphic DOOH allows viewers to participate in the advertising experience. This high level of engagement is crucial in a crowded advertising landscape. Samsung utilized Anamorphic Ads featuring a dynamic visual of their phone folding and unfolding, creating a stunning illusion that captured the attention of thousands of onlookers.

Social media integrations with the help of programmatic DOOH allows brands to display user-generated content, encouraging audience participation and turning them into brand advocates. Integrating Social Media with DOOH offers a 48% increase in consumer action(Source:Eskimi), allowing brands to involve their customers in their DOOH ADs in an impactful way.

Amazon Prime promoted their show by showcasing tweets of the netizens sharing their versions of Modern Love, captivating viewers all across the city throughout different clusters

Interactive DOOH:
Interactivity is a key component of modern advertising, and DOOH can be a breath of fresh air in terms of interactive ADs when a person is outdoors. Interactive DOOH can range from QR Codes, touch-sensitive screens to motion-activated displays, allowing for a high level of engagement. These ads can invite users to play games, explore virtual stores, or even participate in live events, all within the ad space. Many online users view CGI AD posts on social media and want to experience it first-hand in person, failing to recognize whether the view/experience is real or just a CGI AD, leading to authenticity questions and ethical concerns. With the over-exposure of CGI ADs, interactive experiences are even more desired, and brands should look for options like DOOH to resonate with their customers. Taking Interactive DOOH to the next level, Dell with their Spiderman campaign, allowed visitors at the famous Times Square to use their mobile devices to connect to the DOOH screen and race their Spiderman to the top of the building, competing to scramble to the finish line with the fastest time.

In an age where grabbing attention is more challenging than ever, larger-than-life advertising offers a compelling solution. While CGI provides the tools to create extraordinary visuals, DOOH offers a platform to bring these visuals to life in the real world and create a meaningful impact. Lemma’s programmatic platform specializes in cutting-edge DOOH solutions that bring your brand’s vision to life. Partner with us and take your brand to the desired audience with the power of pDOOH by creating advertising that is truly larger than life.

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